Maroon Instruction I


• Canandaigua, NY

Imagine, please,
A forest of red-violet trees
And red latex leaves
With deep-seated veins of maroon

Rest comfortably in seat
And create this forest’s foliage washed
With your ruddy hibiscus tea
That has stained its pearly mug

Sit back and conceive
Of translucent leaves
Like the belly of your dark glassed spirit
Which glows of carmine light

Envisage the leafy maples
With veins the deep red
Of the label “VAILLANCOURT”
On the table to your right

Now across your shoulder you find
The framed flourishes of a canvas café
Remark how its plush purple seats and awnings
Replicate this forest’s hues

You remain here, by tisane and rum
Ornaments and paintings
But somewhere, this forest stands
If you’re willing

This concludes Maroon Instruction I