ʤuliən ʧɛɹi

Hi, I’m Julien! I’m a software engineer and linguist based out of New York City.

I love challenging modern assumptions about technology and critically considering its effects on our wellbeing, relationships, and environment. I believe we should cultivate slower, more intentional relationships with technology and better tailor it to our individual lives and communities instead of proliferating it wholesale. Some ways I do this are by installing guerilla internet, avoiding social media (you won’t find me on most platforms), and using a low-feature cellphone.

Presently, I am open for freelance and contract software development. I prioritize simple, elegant solutions and organized, easily maintainable code. Most recently, I worked at Seam Social Labs as a Senior Software Engineer, and in the past have developed software at Basis Technology, ProGlove, and Pivotal Software.

In my spare time, I volunteer for Operation Friendship and Destination Imagination. I also love doing 35-mm photography, performing improv, and exploring every inch of New York City.

Recent writings